7 Signs Your Relationship is Healthy

7 Signs Your Relationship is Healthy

Dating and relationships are not quite what they used to be. By far there is way more pressure, obstacles and distractions, mostly caused by social media than ever before in history. Although times have changed, the core principles that keep relationships strong haven’t.

Ultimately our individual inborn temperaments affect many of the signs listed below, and determine how we respond to our mates. Try the Couples Temperament Test and discover each other on another level. Find out more HERE

We have complied a list of the top 7 signs you should be aware of in your relationship. The more of these you recognize and focus on, the stronger and healthier your relationship will be.

Communicate Effectively

Communication by far has to be one of the biggest problems couples face in any relationship. When communication breaks down in any relationship, it opens the door to much more issues. Healthy relationships are built upon a steady foundation of communication that flows unconsciously even during times of distress.

Practice Active Listening

Active listening is the ability to let your partner know you understand them by restating their message.

Good communication depends on you carefully listening to another person. Active listening involves listening atten- tively without interruption and then restating what was heard. Acknowledge content AND the feelings of the speaker. The active listening process lets the sender know whether or not the message they sent was clearly understood by having the listener restate what they heard.

Be Assertive

Assertiveness is the ability to express your feelings and ask for what you want in the relationship.

Assertiveness is a valuable communication skill. In successful couples, both individuals tend to be quite assertive. Rather than assuming their partner can read their minds, they share how they feel and ask clearly and directly for what they want.

Assertive individuals take responsibility for their messages by using “I” statements. They avoid statements beginning with “you.” In making constructive requests, they are positive and respectful in their communication. They use polite phrases such as “please” and “thank you”.

Relationship Roles Are Defined

A big problem with couples is that times have changed and most men haven’t kept up. Women today have undoubtedly become much more idenendant than past generations. This causes friction in many relationships as some women out-earn their mates or have attained more success through higher education; providing a more secure foundation.

In some relationships if the woman happens to be the better decision maker, then she should have more input on big decisions. Not excluding the man, but a smart man recognizes when he has a good decision-maker as a mate and embraces it.

The Couples Temperament Test will actually determine the better decision maker in any relationship. Once relationship roles are defined, we can get over our own egos which only are problematic for the relationship.

Knowing When To Take A Time Out!

Some conflicts become heated as levels of anger and frustration rise. Rather than speaking assertively, partners
begin to accuse, criticize, or yell. Rather than listening actively, partners interrupt, belittle, and ignore. Physiologically, the “fight or flight” response is triggered as each person goes into a protection mode with little or no regard for their partner. In this state of escalation, it is not uncommon to say or do things we later regret. Moreover, it is nearly impos- sible to have a productive conversation leading to a mutually agreed upon resolution. This is when a “time-out” can be beneficial. A time-out provides couples with an opportunity to cool down, identify their feelings and needs, and begin to think productively again about how to approach the issues they face.

Resolve Conflict

All couples eventually experience times of conflict, hurt, and letting each other down. Sometimes the offense is as minor as forgetting a date or failing to run an errand. For some couples, the offense might involve a major betrayal such as infidelity, addiction, or abuse.
Either way, taking time to seek and grant forgiveness can play a powerful role in healing and restoring the relationship.Forgiveness is the decision or choice to give up the right for vengeance, retribution, and negative thoughts toward an offender in order to be free from anger and resentment. This process promotes healing and restoration of inner peace, and it can allow reconciliation to take place in the relationship.It is also important to be clear about what forgiveness is not. Forgiveness is not forgetting, condoning, or perpetuating injustice. Since it is sometimes unsafe or impossible, forgiveness does not always involve reconciliation. Forgiveness is not always quick; it is a process that can take time to unfold. Don’t rush your partner if they need to spend days or weeks working through the process of granting forgiveness.

Balance Leisure And Alone Time


If you want to keep your relationship alive and growing, our best advice is to date your mate! Dating will help you main- tain a friendship—one of the best indicators of a successful, long-term marriage. The habit of dating is the catalyst for building your couple friendship and staying emotionally connected through the coming years.

Our individual temperaments determine our need for socialization. The Melancholy temperament regenerates when left alone, while the Sanguine becomes energized when around people. Healthy relationships have a healthy balance of time together and time alone. Encourage each other in theses efforts and watch a healthy relationship emerge.

Child Temperament Assessment


Parents today are desperately looking for ways to connect or better communicate with their kids. This struggle has increased due to the vast amount of information available to their kids. Parents no longer have the advantage of being the “most informed” on many subjects, losing the position of authority.

We have the solution

The Child Temperament Assessment will provide accurate detailed knowledge to parents, identifying their needs for socialization, control, power, love and affection. As well as the causes of their anger, stress, anxiety, or depression.

We guarantee your relationship with your kids will strengthen.

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