Are You Stressed/Depressed? Do This to Improve The Energy In Your Home!

Many of us today are totally unaware that the cause of our stress or depression is right under our noses. Because certain temperaments have a absolute need to have a neat and orderly home, a sanctuary away from the rest the world, it is vital to have a clean environment. However, research clearly shows that a clean orderly environment leads to a clean and orderly mind.

According to Psychology Today, “Unfortunately for many of us, the idea of an organized home feels like a faraway dream. Between busy schedules, an abundance of stuff, possibly kids, and feeling overwhelmed, just getting the dishes cleaned feels like a major victory. And each day the clutter grows.”

It’s all about Energy!

Let’s not pretend that the energy in a orderly home isn’t traumatically better than a cluttered home. We are energetic beings, our success in life is greatly influenced by the energy around us..

Here are few things you can do to boost the positive energy in your home..

  1. Remove The Clutter – Cleanliness is next to Godliness.. If cleaning your home is a monumental task then start by completing three simple projects until it is is clean. As a result, your home energy will be forever changed.
  2. Clean all windows and mirrors – If you are constantly looking through dirty windows, you are affecting your view and vision of life. Cluttered windows equals cluttered visions.
  3. Smudge Your Home – Sage is amazing for eliminating negative energy from your home. Sage for generations have been used and continues to be used a reckoning force against bad energy. Need Sage?…Let us know..We can ship directly to you!
  4. Listen to 432hz music or tones. Unfortunately we all being poisoned by the music we listen to today. We are not talking about the lyrics but the frequency the music is played at. Before the 1950’s music in America was played at 432hz. It was changed (thanks to the Germans in the 30’s to 440hz.) 432 is a natural tone and mimics the rhythm of our planet and universe. Play 432hz music daily to change the energy in and around you. Need suggestions? Let us know!
  5. Give us a call – Edify offers a unique service in which we will come into your home and completely change the energy there. From cleaning and removing clutter to a complete overhaul of your from your home top to bottom. Give us a call if the energy in your home needs adjusting ASAP. As a result, you will experience blessings unlike anything you can ever imagine.

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