Cheating? Women Rule

Cheating? Women Rule

When it comes to cheating. Women are Kings.

Now before we receive tons of emails and letters from women advocate groups, let us be very clear. The statistics clearly reveal that men overall cheat far more than women. But don’t get it twisted, the numbers of women engaging in shady behavior is growing exponentially, and we mean exponentially!

The following stats might surprise some of you readers.

So how often do women actually cheat?

Although the ladies tend to cheat less overall, with about 15% confessing to an affair in a current or previous relationship, the numbers are growing. Now we agree that 15% is somewhat low, however it is misleading. There has been a 40% increase over the past two decades of women keeping it on the low. Yup you heard right! 40%.

It’s no denying that the ladies have stepped up their creep game, quite impressively we must ad. And the numbers suggest the pattern of increase won’t change anytime soon.

Now before we get into why women hands down rule when it comes to cheating, we think it would be a good time to debunk some misconceptions and stereotypes in regard to men and cheating.

Why do all men cheat?

The answer… Nope sorry ladies. All men don’t cheat.

According to recent studies infidelity/cheating does not run rampant among males, data shows that only 21% of men have ever been unfaithful in a marriage or relationship. Yes 21%.

Fellas next time you’re out and about and you hear a group of ladies having a male bashing seminar saying all guys cheat. Remember this number 21%.

Now the question you could probably ask would be, how many guys have ever thought about cheating? The obvious answer every man dead or alive.

So does money play a role in cheating? Of course it does! Stupid question.

A recent study revealed that the more you are economically dependent on someone means that you are more likely to cheat. Now conventional thinking would have you believing that someone who is dependent upon someone else financially would at least honor that by staying faithful. Yeah right keep thinking that…

When it comes to this however, men reign supreme.

According to research over 15% of men who are reliant upon women financially cheat, in comparison to 5% of women who are dependent upon their mate financially.

So in this case the stereotype of broke men creeping on their financially dominant partner is TRUE!

So as I mentioned before when it comes to cheating, women are Kings, or should we say Queens.

Women are far more calculating, mysterious, and intelligent than men will ever be. Their ability to keep a secret, to look you straight and eye and lie without the smallest flinch or mannerism to indicate a falsehood is legendary.

In fact, most men fail to acknowledge the level of stupidity they display when it comes to getting busted. They come home smelling like the women’s fragrance section at Macy’s, glitter stuck to their clothes, receipts from dates in the laundry, and of course cell phone records, just to name a few.

However, women are cunning and meticulous when it comes to cheating. Matter of fact most men will never know their women is cheating unless they have some type of physical proof. Whereas a woman doesn’t need any physical proof. Trust me they already know. It’s called intuition. Physical proof is only confirmation.



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Dr Jason-Anthony K. Prendergast