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Accurately Determine Needs for Inclusion, Control and Affection *(includes session w/ Licensed Professional)
Includes Complete Temperament Report from a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Certified Temperament Therapist

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Temperament Test

Give your mind and soul the perfect balance and harmony that you deserve.

Learn to control your emotions and rid yourself of fear, anxiety, stress and increase inner satisfaction.

Take the Temperament Assessment Today and Discover Your Purpose and Potential!

Amazingly Accurate, Informative, Detailed, Life-Changing Information

The outcome of this test provides our licensed counsellors with the accurate information needed to guide you on how to:

• Find complete balance for your body, soul and spirit.

• Identify your needs for socialization, control, power, love, and affection.

• Take control of your emotions and what triggers them.

• Eliminate fear, anxiety, anger and increase inner satisfaction.

• Gain a deeper self-awareness.

• Develop stronger, more fulfilling marriages, relationships and friendships.

• Make better career and hobby choices.

• Develop spiritual maturity.

How Does it Work?

• Complete the contact information located above. Under “Subject” type Test and a questionnaire will be emailed to you or the link sent via text. If you desire a link to be sent via text, provide us with you phone number as well.

   Only takes 8-12 minutes to complete
• Take it anywhere, anytime with your smart phone or via email For FREE!*
• With minutes your Temperament Type and Personal Temperament Report would be ready for review
• A Licensed Counselor and will review your Personal APS report with you
• Effective tool for Parents – especially with teenagers
• Can be effectively administered to children as young as 7

• *Pay the Temperament Test and Session Fee (Includes (2) 55 min sessions $149)

 What are Temperaments?

Temperaments are the inborn part of us that determines how we react to people, places, and things. Temperaments lie within our soul and determine our need for socialization, control, and affection.
Temperament Therapy is the mechanism to find the balance between body, soul and spirit, allowing us to be the best that we were created to be. If the soul and spirit are to remain in balance, the three temperament areas of Inclusion, Control and Affection must be balanced. If the soul and spirit are out of balance, our physical bodies will break down. We must understand this order to provide a means for achieving balance.

Also Ideal for..

-Wedding Planners/Bridal Shops
-PreMarital Counseling
-Marriage Counseling
-Faith Based Counseling
-Corporate/Business Employee Hiring & Screening
-Family Therapy
-Children *(as young as 7 can take the Assessment
-Public & Private Schools Institutions (Students)

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